Q – How does Reflexology work?

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex areas on the feet and hands that correspond to each organ, gland or part of the body. By using special techniques to manipulate these reflex areas, a Reflexologist may help to enhance the body's own natural healing processes, regulate and balance hormone levels within your body and clear congestion that may prevent your body from achieving normal function. You don’t need to have any health issues to benefit from Reflexology.

Q – Do I need to bring anything with me for the treatment?

Just a note of any medication you’re currently taking would be useful.  I have everything in My Treatment Room to help make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  If the treatment is in your own home, some of my clients like to have soft music playing and a scented candle burning, but that’s down to individual preference.

Q – What will happen during the treatment & how long will it take?

You will relax in a comfortable padded and heated reclining treatment bed, a blanket is made available to keep you lovely and warm. Soft, calming music will play and the scent of relaxing essential oils will fill the room. For Reflexology you will need to remove your socks and shoes as the treatment is carried out on bare feet. The initial consultation will take an extra 20 minutes on top of your chosen treatment time where I'll ask some questions about your health, lifestyle and any presenting conditions, all in the strictest of confidence.

Q – How often do I need to have a treatment?

That is for you to decide. Some people like to have weekly treatments to start with, then change to every fortnight or once a month. It is a flexible treatment, so whatever is best for you.

Q – Can Reflexology be ticklish or could I feel some discomfort?

I may find a tender area on your foot that could possibly indicate some congestion, I will gently work through any tender areas found.  Generally people don’t find Reflexology ticklish nor experience any discomfort.  I will work with a pressure that is comfortable for you.

Q – What happens if I fall asleep?

A lot of clients find the treatment so relaxing, they often drift in and out of sleep.  This is quite normal.  This is time for you, so simply lay back, relax and enjoy the benefits of Reflexology.

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